New Beginnings and Life Perspectives

When Opportunity Knocks...

Slice vs. Splice

In JavaScript, methods like slice() and splice() can be really confusing to use. I hope to be able to explain them in simpler terms to help me remember their differences.

The New Normal - An Exercise in Compassion, Empathy and Patience

As we come to grips with the reality of a COVID-19 world, life as we know it will never be the same. This week my kids started learning remotely. It has been weird to wake up in the morning, have them get ready to start their day, only to get in house clothes, so that they can travel to their desks in their respective bedrooms to work on computers for most of the day. The first couple of days were an adjustment, but towards the end of the week we were getting settled into this new way of doing school. I know that as time passes more changes will come and adjustments will have to be made. This whole process needs to remain fluid as we continue to accommodate the constant changes.

You’re Only In Competition With Yourself

What Coronavirus Is Teaching Us About Remote Learning and Working

With the latest news on the coronavirus and the declaration that the United State is now in a state of emergency, there was nothing else I could have possibly written about. My mind is currently consumed with ways to keep myself and my family safe. My husband, son and I have been fighting something for a few days now. Nothing serious, but I know that we want to keep away from as many people as possible at least until we are close to 100%. And I know that everyone reading this probably thinks that we should get tested. We will, but I have to do some research on where these tests are available. Wish me luck.

Coding Challenge - sumDigits()

Personally I am not a fan of coding challenges in general. I strongly dislike being put on the spot and I really don’t appreciate having to solve a problem under a time crunch. However, understanding that they are necessary helps me wrap my head around these types of challenges. Additionally, I need to know what will be expected of me when I face these challenges. I want to get better at them and I know I have it in me to improve.