Yomaira is a web developer with a proven history in project management as a former commercial real estate and corporate paralegal. Her interest in understanding how technology moves the world led her to learn how to code and gain a foothold on how things work behind the scenes.

Yomaira is driven by making connections through culture and community. She is currently working with the staff at Urban Institute of Mathematics, a middle school in the Bronx, NY where her daughter is a 7th grader, to build their new website. She strives to help bridge the communication gap between the school and parents by building a website to provide a better way of sharing information with as many parents as possible. She wants to continue using technology to further the discussion on diversity and inclusion in hopes of combating implicit bias in the development of software and the field of technology as a whole.

Yomaira is currently participating in cohort 5 of Moms Can Code School. She is building her portfolio through collaboration with her cohort team and utilizing the wealth of resources available to self learners. She lives in Bronx, NY with her husband and two children. Reach out to yjescano@gmail.com to connect!