New Beginnings and Life Perspectives

When Opportunity Knocks...

The Importance of Collaboration

The completion of any major project is exciting, but also bittersweet, especially when working with a team. During the project you want to get the project done because it’s exhausting and you want to move on from it. You’re firing on all cylinders working like a mad person to make sure that all of the requirements of the project are being fulfilled, that the team is working well together and that we put something useful, beautiful and fantastic out into the world. While the project itself is important and it’s what we need to focus on, we don’t give enough thought or credit to the team and what a team has to go through to get a project from point A to point B.

Imposter Syndrome - Does That Feeling Ever Really Go Away?

My Git Guide - Workflow Instructions

Once again Git and GitHub have dominated my thoughts and my work this week. Writing my previous articles on creating a proper Git repository and using Git to collaborate with others really helped solidify my own understanding of how to use Git and GitHub in my projects. In the last few months, I think I have really made strides in gaining a full understanding of how to use the Git commands and how to navigate GitHub.

Deconstructing JavaScript - Spread Operator

In the midst of making sense of a programming language we tend to focus on the big picture items - the building blocks of how things work, the different components that make up a language. I recently had to use the spread operator to solve a problem and it got me thinking - what is the spread operator (or spread syntax as it is defined in the MDN documentation) and what does it do?

This Week in...Life - Tech, Non-Tech and Everything In Between

I realize that a technical blog should be about something technical. But when you have a week full of so much activity that you can’t think of a single thing you want to talk about because you want to talk about all them, I say embrace it. Better to let it all out and let people know that this is normal life. We can’t suspend animation on some things while others continue.